April was a busy month. Assignments were beginning to pile up and I was trying to balance somewhat of a social life. It was also the month where we were truly welcomed by Autumn. We had weeks of torrential rain and weeks where the sun was desperately trying to make an appearance from behind the clouds.

Even though my Easter break was a quiet week spent at home, I did manage to go on some little adventures. The first being an evening out with Karrah, who has inspired me immensely since starting photography (photos from that day will be published in my next blog post), a day out at the park with some close friends (seen below) and finally, an enchanting Blue Mountain's adventure with Emma (photos from that day coming soon). The exhibition I had also been preparing for finally got announced and images were starting to be shared. I cannot wait to talk more about that in my next monthly update. 

I also managed to make some time for a self portrait session in my backyard, accompanied by a very special guest.

 In the meantime, please keep checking back for more posts. You'll probably realise I'm quite behind, but I'm doing my best to sort through them and share them with all of you lovely people.

~ A


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