Imogen Clark

Back in May last year, I was fortunate enough to take part in a special exhibition called "Head in the Clouds - Glimpse of an Artist". The exhibition involved five photographers including myself. We were required to find six Blue Mountains Artists and capture them in a way that would also show off the beauty of the Blue Mountains. I decided that I wanted to capture my artists in a way that would somewhat reflect their artistry as well as their personality. I asked them all to each select their own location, which gave me insight into who they were. 

For Imogen, it was a secret woodland on the side of the road in Springwood. We met on what was a very rainy day and clicked immediately. She's honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met with the most contagious smile. There was a moment in the shoot where I just had to stop shooting and worrying about getting a shot for the exhibition. I switched my settings to video and secretly filmed Imogen playing her guitar. It was a beautiful accompaniment to the sound of rain droplets landing on the leaves around us. It was a beautiful moment. I'm going to be publishing a series of blog posts of photographs from each of my shoots for the exhibition over the next few months, so keep checking back. 

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