Hi all. I had a planned to publish something before my monthly updates, but I've decided that I'll post it a little later on instead. I've now planned it so that there's some more exciting and special blog posts to break up my monthly update posts. This will ensure that you're not waiting for more than a month between blog posts, which is what it's been like on here for a while.

It's fair to say this January post is very late, but I guess it's better late than never? My year began with a relaxing week and a bit in Berry at my Aunty's property with my family. I decided to also include some late December photographs.

The first day of a new year is always strange. I woke up without any plans or expectations. The light was warm and I chose to sit by the window, thinking about my goals for the day - even the year. I looked to my left and noticed the beautiful view. It signified a both the end and a beginning of a clean slate and I thought to myself, I need to capture this moment. So, I grabbed my phone and took a simple shot + uploaded it to Instagram. The more I looked at it, the more inspired I got and that's how "Towards the horizon" came about.

I spent the first day of the year in the forest - one of my favourite places to be.

We then headed back home due to my work commitments and something special. I can't remember if I mentioned this in a previous blog post (I'm sure I did), but just in case, I'll provide a little background on this next section. One of the hardest things that happened in 2014 was saying goodbye to my two dogs, Max and Cinta. They were such a huge part of my life for so long, they were my family. Knowing I wasn't going to see them every day, broke my heart.

Cinta passed away in June and Max passed away in November. We had been grieving for most of 2014, so when it came to December, it was clear there was a massive gap in our family. We had begun to do some innocent research about different puppies. We weren't really sure whether we'd get one, but decided we'd look into it. We visited the RSPCA a few times, shelters and eventually breeders. We ended up finding a wonderful breeder with about five border collie puppies. On the last days of December, we visited these puppies to sus out which one we made the best connection with. It came down to two, a boy and a girl. We were very close to taking both of them, but due to our busy lifestyle during the year, we went with one. 

A very quiet, cuddly, blue and brown eyed girl whom we named Lucy. After telling the breeder our chosen name, she quoted Elton John's "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds", with an extra twist - "Lucy in the sky with the diamond eye". We knew it was perfect. She's nearly six months old now and has grown into a very confident, cheeky and not so quiet blue and brown eyed girl. We see both elements of Max and Cinta in her everyday. Below are some of the pics from the day we brought her home.

Some instagram pictures from Jan

Also want to shout out to my awesome Nonno for turning 88! :) 

Thanks for reading! I've got a bit of time off for Easter, so I'll be trying to get as many images prepared as I can for future posts. Happy Easter + see you all on the next one! :)

~ A 


  1. Such wonderful pictures!!! And congratulations and all the best to your grandma!



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