A concealed paradise

On a sunny April afternoon, I drove up to the Blue Mountains to reunite with my friend, Becky. Becky and I hadn't seen each other since my exhibition in 2015, despite talking frequently about meeting up for another shoot. Finally, we had a free day lined up! The time of year was perfect too - streets framed by autumnal trees losing their orange leaves, scattered across footpaths and roads. 

We ventured deep into the Blue Mountains, carrying all of our belongings. The sun peeked through the clouds as we hiked down to Minnehaha Falls. It was quite the hike, especially since I was carrying all of my camera gear. We had short moments of confusion after taking some wrong turns, but quickly got back on track and grew more excited as the sound of the waterfall became louder. Once we made it to the bottom, my jaw dropped - it was incredible. An epic waterfall and swimming area...all to ourselves. Once again, Becky was her usual amazing self and showed off her talents dancing in front of the camera, the sound of the water hitting the swimming hole as her music. It still remains as one of my favourite days of the year. 


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  3. Like an elven princess! Wonderful!



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