I often wish that I kept a journal, just so that I could look back and see what I was up to during a particular day, in a particular hour...who did I talk to, what did we talk about? I've tried each year to keep one, but have found that my daily entries stop after about a week. I think I've always thought that my life lacked excitement, however I've recently come to the realisation that even those simpler days are adventures of some kind. 

March was the month of new and final beginnings. My summer break came to an end and my final year of university began. I can hardly believe that I've been studying to become a primary teacher for four years. I've complained about it, I've loved it, I've cried about it (both happy and sad tears), met some wonderful people and made some unforgettable memories. I still don't feel quite ready to leave yet.

It was the month where I hit over 10 million views on Flickr, which was truly unbelievable. I was also interviewed by Lou for Flickr. It's my favourite interview I've ever done so please read it if you haven't already. We covered everything from how I started out, my views on self portraiture, developing a 'style', the relationship between business + photography, improvement vs. building an audience online, Flickr20u20 to some very influential advice I received from the lovely Rosie Hardy whilst in NY for 20u20.

Other events include Lucy attending her first puppy class and going back to my primary school for its 125 Anniversary. One of my final memories of March was meeting a very wonderful mother and artist named Anna. We ventured into a secret fairytale trail in Katoomba with her beautiful son on a very wet and foggy day. We talked for hours about everything and anything and took pictures until we were absolutely soaked. I'll be making a separate blog post about that day soon, so keep a look out.

Below are a collection of self portraits I took on the first weekend of March. I had just received a beautiful dress from Alex. I didn't have any ideas set in stone for the shoot but rather let my mind wander until the sun disappeared behind the trees.

See you all on the next blog post. Please don't hesitate to leave me a comment. It's always nice to know people are reading.

~ A



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