Nymph of the Woodland

Hi guys. I'm sorry for my absence. Since I last posted, Madeline has left, I'm back at uni, I've completed my 52 Weeks Project and celebrated my 20th Birthday. I'm getting back into the swing of things and have a few blog posts lined up for you all. I shot this series while spending some time down in Berry. We spent this particular morning scouting locations across the property and making crowns out of whatever we could find.
Materials needed for the shoot.

I decided it would be cool if I had Madeline hanging from a tree. No big deal really. Luckily we had Christian to help out. 

I was just taking some behind the scenes shots of Christian's shot, but I ended up really liking this shot. Even if Madeline is wearing my shoes :P 

 You never know what this girl is going to do. This was taken by Christian just after we had finished the shoot. 

See you guys on the next post.

~ A



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