A Woodland Tale

A while back in April, I finally got to meet up with Emma. For just over a year, Emma and I had been talking about meeting up to shoot, however our schedules just never really allowed for it. So, it was fair to say that we were both extremely excited when we had finally reached the point where we had organised an afternoon to meet. Emma picked me up from the train station and drove us to Leura Cascades, a location both of us had adored visiting in the past. It was as if we had been lifelong friends, discussing all topics ranging from love to life and our future plans. I was very excited to be using my most recent purchase at the time, this lovely blue dress, previously owned by Alex Stoddard. Emma transformed into a woodland fairy the moment she put it on. I hope you enjoy following her woodland tale, just as much as I enjoyed capturing it.


  1. Just wanted to say I really like these shots.
    The diffuse light somehow seems to match the dress very nicely :)

  2. These are so lovely. I recently found you on flickr and I could just live there. Everything is so magical.

    1. Hey! What an amazing comment. Thank you so much :D

  3. I have seen you on flickr and just had to pop in on your blog. Glad that i did.



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