Taronga Zoo

Hey all, remember me? Yeah, I still exist. Sorry for my long absence, I've actually been on prac teaching for the past three weeks. It was extremely difficult/exciting/tiring/exciting/frustrating/rewarding all at the same time. I already miss everyone, especially my little class and my lovely teacher. I still have quite a bit to do before I finish my second year of uni. But, today I did find some time to create another blog post. Yes, we're still in July haha. I'll be updating more regularly so I can share all of the photos I have saved away from the past few months. I want to be up to date! These photos are from a lovely sunny day in July when my friend Sandra, Christian, Madeline and I went to Taronga Zoo. The photos speak for themselves so enjoy :)

~ A

On the ferry :)

This cheeky little guy got up on the roof!

Then we came home and made these faces.


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