A week in Berry: Part i

Hi everyone! It's been about a month since my last blog post which is horrible (as I've been told *cough* Mr Lindsay *cough*! :P). I do need to allocate more time to upload more regularly on here. I'm still catching up with events from July & August so without waiting any longer than you already have, here is part i of our week spent at my Aunty's property in Berry. The weather was quite extraordinary yet bipolar during this particular week. We experienced clear and foggy days and us photographers couldn't have been happier! We all got some fantastic shots, which I'll be featuring in the next few posts. So let's begin.

We arrived on a very clear night and after quickly getting all of our things out of the car & carrying it into the house, we ran outside in the cold and took pictures of the sky!

On our first day, I went for a bit of a walk in the morning and took some pictures in the sun.

Madeline had seen her first wombat earlier on in the morning (I was fast asleep) and he returned later on that evening to say hey again. 

We spent most of our nights watching films and playing Mastermind. Madeline and I were a little surprised/scared when we noticed a dark shadow outside in the dark taking pictures of us. Good one Christian! Captured us girls lookin' all gorgeous in our pjs with wet hair ;) 

The next morning, Madeline came into my room and woke me up telling me that it was really foggy and her and Christian were about to go outside and take some pictures. Well, needless to say I jumped right out of bed, even if it was really early. I'll always do anything for my one true love - fog, hehe. You may not notice Christian in many of these shots - that's because he was still in his pjs, haha.

Madeline's final shot:

This was my final shot featuring Madeline and Christian's creepy hand.

Madeline's shot:

We had a lovely view for the next day...

which soon disappeared and we welcomed the foggy weather again (wooo!) This time I went out and took some self portraits - just because it'd been a while.

My final shots:

I turned myself into a giant for this one! 

Christian's shot from that day:

We all went on a bit of a road trip to Cudmirrah in the middle of the week. Our family used to spend a lot of time in Cudmirrah at a house, which unfortunately isn't there anymore. We wanted to show Madeline some kangaroos and visit the beach.

This little guy came right up to the car to say hey <3

We then walked down to the beach. A little fun fact, whilst standing on the beach taking photos, I made a decision. That decision was that this location would be the place I'd end my 52 Weeks Project and a month later that's exactly what I did. You can check out my final image here :) 

Madeline provided these , haha. Christian was fortunate enough to capture such precious moments :P

These next few were snapped by Christian but edited by me.

 We then drove off, still passing by some kangaroos and enjoyed a lovely dinner in a cute, little restaurant/diner.

 I have SO many photographs to share with you all. I'll be posting another blog post tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. As for the rest, keep visiting over the next few weeks. As always, thanks to those who still follow me and keep reading :)

~ A


  1. you are so cute ! i love all your photos. you are all <33333

  2. i loved these photos! it looked like such a fun week/weekend/time? and you guys are all so cute like the person before me said hehe :) i am in loooove with the fog photos you all took!

    1. Aw, thanks Julia! Hope we can shoot together again soon - perhaps sometime later this year!



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