Palm & Balmoral Beach

A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to the Palm Beach area. We wanted to take Madeline to this well known Australian Beach not only to show her how good our beaches really are, but to also take a little bit of a hike up to see a lighthouse and some wonderful views. Before doing so however, we stopped over at Palm Beach, took a few photos and had some lunch. We ended up enjoying some hot sausage rolls and pies in the car because it was too windy. Also, apparently, lunch doesn't exist after 2pm so instead of the traditional fish and chips by the beach, we had to improvise. At least Madeline enjoyed her first Aussie meat pie.

After enjoying a quick lunch, we drove a little way more further to begin our trek up the rocky hill. We passed some incredibly beautiful views before making it right up the top, where we met some tourists and enjoyed the quiet. We were all a little out of breathe from the walk up. Ha!

We then headed back down the muddy + steep hill and stopped over at Balmoral Beach during sunset.

I have a ton more photos to share with you all but we're heading off to Canberra this weekend and I'll have limited internet access. Before I end this post, I want to quickly thank all of my followers and anyone who has read any of my blog posts. My blog reached over 10 000 views this week and that's truly amazing since it isn't even nearly a year old! Here's to many more blog posts! Thanks to Christian for lending me some photographs for me to edit + include in this post.

~ A


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