Blue Mountains Road Trip: Three Sisters + Leura Cascades

Last Thursday we all hopped in the car and headed for the Blue Mountains. While most slept in the car, I peered out the window, listened to music & observed the beauty around me. Just before arriving at the Three Sisters, we stopped off at a small look out. It was SO windy - you can probably tell by our wonderful hairstyles in the pictures below. The view was incredible.

Dad being "conceptual".

We then drove a little way to the main look out featuring the Three Sisters. There were a lot of tourists and guess what? It was still really, really windy...and coooooold!

We then drove to Leura and enjoyed some afternoon tea before driving to the Cascades.

Had to take this for Miss Madeline...even if they did spell her name wrong.

We couldn't have run out of the car fast enough. We were so excited to be shooting by this beautiful little waterfall! I had brought along butterflies Ingrid had sent me the day before. They came in handy!

Final shot:

Thanks to Christian + Dad for letting me use some of your photos of me so that I could be included in the blog post too :)

~ A

P.S. Make sure to keep up with and check out both Christian & Madeline's pictures from the day :)


  1. I love these photos! They're so magical and everything. And the final shot :O

  2. Whoaa, beautiful pictures. They're breathtaking.
    Love the color and these vintage effect.
    Great concept as well :D

    Sorry about the question but what camera do you use? It's a vintage one or you do the colors and effects in pos-production?

  3. Really nice sceneries. And love the emotions ! <3
    Evia x



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