Madeline Masarik comes to stay: Clovelly, Bondi, Watsons Bay, Camp Cove & Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Madeline is finally here! She arrived early yesterday morning and today we all went out and showed her around our city a little bit. We began at Covelly and admired the incredible view. After taking a few snaps, we had a lovely lunch by the water (Fish + Chips) and discussed why 'napkins' were 'serviettes' and 'french fries' were 'chips'.

We then made our way to Bondi & did the beach walk. The weather was unseasonably fantastic. We've been treated to very rainy days for the past few weeks so it was kind of nice to have a little bit of sun, even if the photographers in us weren't all that pleased. 

Christian, Madeline & I continued the walk all the way to the beach while Mum & Dad brought round the car. 

We visited Watsons Bay, Camp Cover & Mrs Macquarie's chair and then made our way back home. Overall, a wonderful second day together. We're planning to take her to the Blue Mountains later on this week, which will be awesome. Can't wait for the rest of our July adventures <3

We had to stop for some ice cream first of course :) 


Thanks to both Christian and Madeline for letting me borrow some of their photographs <3

~ A


  1. Pretty pictures. :] Seems you had a lot of fun! And I love all that bokeh and also the vintagish effect to most pictures.



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