Shooting at Maroubra Beach with Asher Lilley, Bronwyn Townsend, Christian Benetel & Jess Christie

So after spending a couple of days hanging out with Asher, we headed to Maroubra Beach to meet up with Jessica Christie and Bronwyn Townsend. I hadn't met Bronwyn before and was quite excited, as I was quite a fan of her work. Dad kindly drove us to Jess' friend's house, where we met up with Bronwyn and walked down to Maroubra Beach. It was such a beautiful, hot day and all of us had forgotten to wear sunscreen. Not to mention, we all have very pale complexions so the first thing we idd was buy some sunscreen. Christian left out bottle in the car. Typical boy. 

We began the day by exploring the rocks. The lighting was quite harsh at this point so we tried to find some shady areas where we would set up our base and begin shooting. Everyone was a little shy at first but we soon warmed up to each other and each had a turn of modelling. 

Can we just take a moment and agree at how amazing Bronwyn's hair looked?

Bronwyn was first up to model. She was fantastic and as you'll quickly find out - I took a lot of pictures of this lovely lady. 

Jess was up next and goodness, she has the best smile :)

Then Asher :)

From then on, we all just talked about photography/our life and any ideas that popped into our head. It's really great connecting with the people who share the same passion as you.

We climbed more rocks and looked over the city. I stood on the edge of a cliff while everyone took photos. On our way back down, Christian was asked to model. Yup, everyone had to have a go!

Asher, Christian and myself were waiting for the sun to set to take our photographs because the light is absolutely perfect at that time. We soon made our way back to the kiosk by the beach and quickly had something to eat before returning to the rocks. On our way back we took some pictures of Miss Asher.

It was at this point that I got in this water and modelled for everyone. You can see Bronwyn's blog post here & Asher's here. Jess will be posting hers soon. Definitely go and check out both posts because both Bronwyn & Asher took so many beautiful photographs of us all <3 

After we had something to eat we headed back to the rocky area for me to take my picture for my 52 Week Project. 

 asked Asher if she was okay with me putting seaweed on her head and she obliged but said "Just do it. Quick!" Haha. What are friends for right? 

Final shot:

The sun had set and everyone took some last minute photographs before we all had to say goodbye. I had such an amazing time with these fantastic and talented people who are now all close friends. I just hope that we can all be together soon and shoot again. It was such a pleasure meeting Bronwyn, having Asher stay at my house and seeing the hilarious and beautiful Jessica Christie again. I definitely had the most amazing couple of days :)


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