Asher Lilley came to stay

Hi guys! So it's been a little while - I apologise. I've been very, very busy with university and haven't had time to even post the photos from when Asher came and stayed with us. It has been just under a month since Christian and I spent our time with the wonderful Asher Lilley. After staying at Kiara's house for a couple of days, it was our turn to accommodate this lovely lady. She spent three days and two nights in our house. During that time, we showed her around our neighbourhood by taking her along our dog walking routine. She met the yappy dogs a couple of streets away, saw our primary school and our quiet street. She met our family and ate my Mum's awesome lasagne. She felt like another part of our lives, like nothing had even changed. We spent our nights watching random videos, snapchatting everyone we knew and editing photographs. We spent our days watching the last film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and taking photos. We discussed the future, our past and our dreams. I miss this girl so much and I just hope that she stays with us again very, very soon. Here are some pictures from when we showed her our park - the place where we spent a lot of time getting lost taking photos just as the sun is usually beginning to set :)

We left my house just as the sun was setting.

No idea what they were laughing at. They'll hate this photo but I love it.

 Asher was first to model.

Next was Christian.

I modelled for Asher somewhere in between too. Click here for her blog post about her stay :)

Just as we were leaving to meet Dad in the carpark, we noticed how big the moon was! It was incredible, non of us could keep our eyes off of it! The sky was particularly beautiful.

Once we arrived home, we walked up the street to take some more photographs.

Keep an eye out for another blog post. We went on a shoot with some other photographers the following day at Maroubra Beach. That post should be up by tomorrow or so. Hope you're all well :)


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