Sydney Photographers' Meet Up

So as many of you know, I attended a photography meet up in Sydney last week. Well, I've finally gone through all of the photos (really wish I took more) from the day! 

The day began with Christian and I meeting Kiara & Asher at the train station. We spent the ride into the city catching up and talking about the weird book Christian was reading for uni. He actually had a class to get to but would be joining us later in the day. 

Kiara, Ash and I met a small group at Gloria Jeans before walking to Darling Harbour to meet up with the rest of the group. Asher and I were getting to know some of the lovely people on our way to Darling Harbour and were kind of anxious yet excited about meeting everyone. I remember looking ahead and seeing a large group of people...surely they couldn't all be a part of the meet up? Well, they were! Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to say hi to everyone but there were just so many people! It was really lovely when some came up to me and introduced themselves, especially when they expressed their love for my work! Sarah Wright had flown in from England and gave me a nice big hug which was a great start to the day. I had been looking forward to meeting her - her work is incredible. Kiara huddled everyone together and we all decided that we were going to catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island. So, we made our way to Circular Quay, meeting people along the way who were to join us for the day.

This is the gorgeous Sunny! We had a nice little chat about how we had spoken on Flickr before so it was a really lovely experience finally meeting her! It was at this point that Asher and I quickly dashed into Woolies to buy some name tags. We were beginning to forget everyone's names :P

On the way into Circular Quay, I got the opportunity to speak to a few photographers which was really lovely! We talked all things photography and how excited we were to be meeting everyone. Once we arrived, most of the group headed out first to Cockatoo Island whilst Asher, Jess and myself waited for Christian to arrive from uni. We bought our tickets and were off! The weather was absolutely beautiful and Sydney looked amazing. 

Jessica Christie, whom I had met last year volunteered as my model and made for a good one at that! I was so happy to be with her again <3

I stole one of Asher's photographs from her blog post (linked below) from the day, just because I wanted one from our trip on the ferry :)

Once arriving, we explored the wonderful location and were all just so impressed by its scale! We ended up finding the rest of the group and began shooting! I got the vibe that seeing as though this was many people's first meet up, some were a little nervous, but that soon changed throughout the day. 

Katie was a popular model throughout the day. She has insane hair which made for some good photos.

A few of us stole her for some more shots in a creepy cage/bathroom/dark room.

Caitlin then came out of nowhere looking super beautiful and began modelling as well.

We then headed out for some lunch and walked around the island a little longer before heading back into Circular Quay. 

We said goodbye to a large amount of people, leaving only a smaller group behind. We talked about how amazing the day had been, photography and took some polaroids! I had such an incredible day meeting all of these talented and down to earth photographers. I do hope that most of us can meet up again. I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone which was a bit of a shame. I'll be posting more blog posts from last week, as Asher stayed with me for a couple of days and I went on a shoot with some even more talented photographers. So keep a look out! Once again, thanks Kiara for organising this wonderful day.

A few of us did create some blog posts which are worth checking out. I'll link them below 

Group Shot taken by Roger Stonehouse :)


  1. I really love this Alex! I know I've already told you but I love how you captured the day. Can't wait to see you again xx

  2. I'm so jealous, being in the US doesn't allow many australian meet ups (: Someday! These pictures are beautiful!

    1. Haha, aww come and visit us! Thank you so much <3

  3. color tutorial! and did you use 50 on all these?

    1. I might do one in the future! I did use a 50mm yes :)



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