Last days in Disneyworld: Spending time with Madeline Masarik, Ashley Hershberger, my family & Returning Home.

.So here we are, the last blog post! I'm going to miss putting these together. Well, let's get through it! For the last couple of days, we met up with Madeline Masarik and spent two full days riding crazy rides into the night. Madeline's Mum had joined us for part of the day and we went into the Haunted House and some other rides, which was fun. She then had to leave for bit, but Madeline, Christian and I continued to walk around Magic Kingdom and enjoy ourselves. 

This is what happens when the line is just way too long. You free lens.

And then epicness like this happens! Honestly, I didn't even notice the butterfly-like sun flare until after I took the photo!

This is Madeline dressing up as Christian. Pretty accurate.

Madeline making me blonde...

We then walked around for a little more before we headed back to the hotel to take some photos.

Merry-go-round time! :)

We then headed back to Christian and my hotel to firstly rest, just because we were so tired and then we headed out to take some photographs by the nearby lake.

My final shot for my 52 Weeks Project:

This is how Madeline takes pictures.

Madeline took some pics of me! :)

 This is how much I love my camera <3

I don't even know...

We're cute.

After shooting, it was our goal to go back to Magic Kingdom. We had out done ourself so much that we had to leave the park before 1 a.m. which was our goal because we were just way too tired, haha. We had such a fun day though. Madeline on the tea cup ride, bahaha.

The next day we met up with Madeline again to go to Epcot! We were actually really tired from the night before. After walking around, taking a few photos and going on a few rides, we visited all of the countries around the park. We met up with Madeline's Mum at that point and we all went back to Christian and my hotel to take some last minute photos before they had to leave us :( Fortunately, Ashley Hershberger was going to be meeting up with us again at the hotel to join, yay!!

Mine and Madeline's AMAZING CAR CREATION!

So Madeline's Mum had gone off  to look for some pizza while Madeline, Christian and myself chilled in the hotel for a little bit. Ash had eventually texted me to say that she had arrived, so I went and got her and brought her back to our room, where we were then to get ready for our last shoot!

Not what it looks like, haha. Simple styling!

I asked Christian and Madeline to model for me. I told them to look really sad, but inevitably, this happened.

Final shot:

 She's classy.

We then walked over onto the bridge to take some more photographs. 

Just casually re-arranging things, hehe.

Instructing Christian on what to do.

Watching Christian trying to pose, haha.

Group shots, yay!

After it was too dark to shoot, we went back to the hotel room, where we found Madeline and my parents talking. We spent a good hour and a half talking about random things with them. It was really nice. Madeline tried to keep up the conversation so she didn't have to leave haha. Eventually, she did have to go back home. It was really hard saying goodbye to her and her Mum! Madeline ended up driving away wearing my thongs...I mean flip flops hehe. Guess she needed a token to remember me by, right? Ash ended up staying for another hour or so. It was really fun, we got to talk about all of the people we and she had met in the past few weeks. After that she had to leave, she was officially the last flickr person we were to see from this amazing trip!

Here are a few photographs documenting my last few days in Disneyworld. We had such fun as a family, riding all of our favourite rides and just taking in the magic of Disney!! :)

Mum was a little nervous, haha. 

 I was SO excited to go on the Winnie the Pooh ride...that and Peter Pan of course! Both lived up to expectation.

I especially loved this night. I'm pretty sure it was our last night. We spent it watching the fireworks and the Disney Castle light up, celebrating all of the classic films I've been such a fan of since a little girl. Still am!

We couldn't resist visiting the Disney shops before we left!

These were taken on the day that we left our amazing hotel. I would definitely recommend staying there if you ever visit Disneyworld. This day was by far the longest day of my entire life. We left Orlando to catch a five hour flight to L.A. followed by a fifteen hour flight back to Sydney. I have never been so exhausted.

These were taken as we were landing in L.A. The Sydney flight was way too long and I wasn't sitting by a window to take any more photographs, unfortunately!

Once we landed in Sydney, we were picked up and taken home. It was so weird driving on the left hand side of the road! Who'd have thought? 

So that's it! That was my epic trip overseas to the States and Caribbean! I'd just like to thank you all for following me on this amazing experience. I'm so happy to have been able to share all of the adventures I've been on this past month and a bit. I truly had the best time of my entire life. My parents are seriously the best parents in the world and for them to make my dream a reality is truly just incredible. Thank you to everyone who decided to meet up with us, you guys are the most amazing friends and I can't wait to cross paths again!I'm going to continue using this blog in the future, just because it's been so much fun putting these posts together! Thank you again for all the comments and Madeline for providing me with some of her lovely photographs.

I'll leave you with the video Christian created of our entire trip. I'd recommend watching it, despite it going for so long. It's a really great memory to have <3



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