Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Centre, New Years Eve & Universal Studios

Rather than discuss in great detail what we did in Orlando, I'm composing two blog posts with my favourite photographs. We spent ten days in Disneyworld and it was seriously such an incredibly exhausting, exhilarating and extremely fun week. We stayed in the very new hotel "Art of Animation". As soon as I walked into the lobby, I was hooked. I am such a huge fan of Disney and well, if we didn't know we were staying in Disneyworld, that moment was a true reminder. Our room was a CARS suite! 

We explored some of the worlds for the first day, which was an unseasonably cold day for Florida.

And the crowd....

Best. Ride. Ever. THE TOY STORY RIDE. Just putting it out there, I totally owned everyone.

So for the first few days we spent it in parts of Disneyworld and then spent New Years in Epcot. We had booked dinner in Epcot and enjoyed a really nice buffet. We had some fun taking photos before we headed outside to enjoy the fireworks. Sorry guys, but Sydney owns New Years Eve fireworks, haha. 

There was a mad mosh pit going on. 

As you can see, we didn't get much of a view, but as long as we were all together, that was what mattered. As 2012 ended, we reflected upon our experiences throughout the past year and we all agreed it had been a pretty amazing year. I mean, we were in America!!

We went straight on fast track after we welcomed 2013. It's basically an extremely fast car ride. You get to create your own car and test track it! It was so awesome because Mum and I were pretty nervous to ride it, but what better way to welcome 2013, than melt our faces off on this freaking fast ride? All I remember is the ride guy yelling, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and us all yelling and celebrating...after that...it's all pretty much a blur. Here's a photograph to prove it, haha.

We also got to go to Universal Studios, where we visited Harry Potter World and well, everything else!

 Inside this castle was the most AWESOME RIDE EVER. Seriously, if you ever go to Harry Potter World, go on this ride. I went on it twice.

Christian enjoying his childhood in a Dinosaur Shop.

This was the Dudley Do Right Ride which Christian and Dad courageously went on! 

They got a little wet.

After that, as a family we went on a Popeye Ride which basically soaked us all. Don't get me wrong, it was so much fun and quite hilarious seeing Mum get completely soaked through, but it kind of ruined our chances of enjoying the rest of our time at the park. We needed to get dry ASAP! Here are some other shots I took while at Universal Studios.

 The dress Gwenyth wore in "Shakespeare in Love"

Make Up Show - so cooooool :)

And, Christian and I found some shark hats and had to take it for our dear friend, Miss Sarah Ann Loreth <3

We visited the Kennedy Space Centre that week as well. It was an amazing experience, learning about Space and what it's like to be an astronaut. Those guys have some guts, that's for sure.

These were the actual machines and computers they used when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon!

Also, here were our reactions to seeing the rockets and stuff at NASA.

Only one more blog post to go :O


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