Shooting with Ingrid Endel in Watsons Bay

On Sunday 10th February, Christian and myself met up with the insanely talented and gorgeous Ingrid Endel! My family picked me up from work and we made our way into Watsons Bay. I had apparently been there when I was really little so I was looking forward to going back. Once we arrived, it all seemed a little familiar and Christian and I lugged our props and clothes up to The Gap, where we were to meet up with Ingrid and her friend. 

We got straight down to business. Ingrid was up for climbing under the fence for a concept I had come up with the night before. Now, for those who are reading this who aren't from Sydney, The Gap is a very well known tourist attraction...and is infamous for suicides. So, this probably didn't look that great to tourists. It was really windy too, which made it a little more dangerous than it already was...I mean, she was going to be standing on top of a cliff. Christian was brave enough to assist with the shoot too. 

Ingrid being cheeky near the deadly sign haha.

Thankfully, it was worth it because this was the final product:

It was payback time. Ingrid made me get changed into my Mum's dress and asked me to lay in the bushes...full of rubbish I might add ha! Not too much though. Also, a group of tourists decided to stay and watch. One guy even asked to take my picture because it was "So beautiful". We all couldn't stop laughing. Ah, the things we do to get "the shot". Thanks to Christian for the behind the scenes shots you'll see throughout this post too!

We then made our way down to the little beach area. It was a wonderful cloudy and rainy day, which was perfect for us! The location was absolutely beautiful. There was even a wedding going on nearby.

Christian wanted to use the sample of material I had brought, so this was his concept, I just took some simple portraits.

She got a little scarier too.

Ingrid's shoes, hehe. 

I wanted to include Christian's final photographs too because they were awesome:

We took a break because it started to rain quite heavily. We saw these tourists posing in their well...own unique way. It was nice to have a chat to Ingrid and her friend about Sydney and about photography in general.

We couldn't help but re-vist the beach area after the rain had settle a little.

We wanted to go and take photos under the pier. Here's some BTS photos, I'm still working on the final photographs.

I got to model for Ingrid again too.


Back out to the beach!

Final product which I was super happy with:

Some outtakes!

We finished the day with an interesting concept. Ingrid had told us about this idea she had had for quite a while. It involved burying me in sand. I was totally up for we did it! I have never had so much sand in and around my body but it was so worth it because Ingrid's final photograph is INSANE. 

The reflector was used to protect myself from the sand being blown around by the wind & when it was time for Christian to throw sand purposely at me haha...all for the final photograph!

After I had run around like a crazy person shaking out all of the sand!

I decided to include it just to show you all how much talent she has!

I had such an enjoyable and hilarious time on this shoot. Hopefully I'll get to shoot with Ingrid again soon <3


  1. I had such an amazing time shooting with you both! I love this post and all the behind the scenes photos. I can't wait for our next collab <3



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