Grand Caymon & Cozumel

I decided that rather than delay the my posts any longer, that I'd choose a few of my favourite photographs from my cruise together and feature them all in one blog post. Over the last few days of our incredible cruise in the Caribbean, we visited Grand Caymon and Cozumel. 

We spent more time in Cozumel and visited some Mayan ruins. It was an awesome day, we learned a lot about their history and their village. However, a couple continued to fight quite publicly throughout the trip and while it was hilarious, ended up delaying our entire group and in the end, were extremely rude to everyone around them. Christian and I videoed them when they weren't looking so that was fun. 

After visiting the ruins, we went to this amazing beach area. We had some lunch, enjoyed the wifi and Mum and Dad had a quick swim before we had to return to our ship.

It's always a beautiful sight when we leave port, seeing all of the other ships from a distance. This was taken from my balcony.

One night I went out to the front of the ship and took a titanic inspired shot. The moon was out and it was seriously one of the most beautiful moments ever.

Final product:

The last few days we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and food. We participated in Bingo, watched the entertaining shows and said goodbye to our lovely waitors, Ransel and Egnasio. It's always sad when you leave a cruise ship. Everyone goes back to their normal lives....except for us because we were off to Disneyworld for the next nine days! There are two blog posts left so I hope you'll keep reading all the way to the end. Here are a few photographs I took inside our extraordinary ship.


I love these guys <3


  1. Looks like a great adventure! The secret filming of the bickering couple reminds me of the fun my cousins, sister, and I used to have on family vacations.



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