New York Part IV

So before I start this next blog post, I need to add in a few little events that I have missed! We went to the Upwright Citizens Brigade to watch some comedy skits, which turned out to be really funny. On the way there, we bumped into John Lutz (actor, writer, and comedian best known for playing J. D. Lutz on 30 Rock)!! Being such big fans we stopped and had a chat. He was so lovely and was eager to meet us. 

A few nights later we went and saw Scarlett Johansson in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which was a very interesting play. Let me just tell you, I don't know how the hell she memorised that many words, wow. It was really awesome. Afterwards, Dad wanted to stay back and see if he could get something signed. Mum, Christian and I went to a warm restaurant nearby because it was way too cool. Dad got this close up shot of her!

Alrighty, so now onto our last proper day in New York. Gina came along with my family to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. Believe it or not, she hadn't seen it either! She even brought us cookies. Thanks Gina's Mum! :P

Even though it was midday, it looked like the sun was rising. 

Love locks! 

After having some lunch, we made our way to Ground Zero. I didn't take as many photographs here because it was quite emotional being there. Seeing the beautiful tributes and all of the names, it's just so tragic.

This tree had survived everything and they replanted it - it still lives today. It's called the Survivor Tree.

We returned to my hotel so that I could get changed and that Gina could pick up her suitcase so we could take our final photographs for our series entitled "Long Distance". We caught the subway and made our way to Grand Central Station. Climbing up the stairs and chilling in the Apple Section, we discussed our ideas. We didn't know how it was going to go because there were just so many people. We set up base on a wall, so that we could keep an eye on our tripods. 

After taking a million test shots and different shots of Gina jumping and a few of me running towards her, a man approached us. He told us that we weren't allowed to use tripods during this season. What does that even mean? Anyway, I had to leave it at that, luckily I had expanded my shot. Unfortunately, Gina hadn't even taken hers yet. I felt so bad. We ended up leaving the station for a park near my hotel. After going the wrong way, we decided that we just had to do it back at our hotel where we actually met! It turned out really well, here are our final shots!



Man carrying that suitcase on the subway was priceless.

 Some BTS & other shots we took after we'd finished our year-long series! Some of these were taken by Gina herself :)

We took this right after we finished! Had to get a picture of us in each of our character's outfits! 

Christian and Mum said goodbye to Gina at the hotel. Dad and I walked her back to Penn Station where her and I had to part ways. It was so hard saying goodbye to Gina, she's become one of my best friends in such a short amount of time. It all hit me that night when I got back to the hotel. Thinking about all of the people, the wonderful friends I've met in this fantastic city. I can't wait to visit again and believe me, it'll be soon.


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