Boarding "Freedom of the Seas"

Finally up to the cruise! So we boarded "Freedom of the Seas" and had our emergency drills etc. We checked out every part of the ship. It was freaking huge. I can't even begin to tell you how many different places there were, the amount of facilities they had and the FOOD, oh the food. I won't go into too much detail because otherwise I'd be here forever. One of the things we did do on the first night was play putt putt on the roof of the ship as we said goodbye to Orlando. The sun began to set, little did we know it was going to be one of the most incredible sunsets we had ever seen.

I always love the first night of cruising. Everyone's out and about and exploring. For the rest of the night, we met our waiters who were lovely, went to the live show and continued relaxing!

Straight out of the camera photographs of the sunset! No editing involved :)

Christmas Eve was spent at sea. We enjoyed carols at night and an ice skating show on board! Here's a photograph of Dad and I that night in front of the massive Christmas Tree :)

On Christmas we arrived in Haiti and enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach. The weather was humid but beautiful and the water was gorgeous! The cruise ship company actually owns this island so it's common for it to be filled up every day by various ships.

There was a mini water park too! You had to pay of course.

 Time to head back to the ship!

Yeah, it was humid alright.

 We were treated to another gorgeous sunset just before we had a special Christmas dinner.

Our next stop was Jamaica! We didn't stay in port for long because we weren't interested in any day trips anywhere. It was so hot too, so that made the day a little less enjoyable. Perks of being on a cruise, you can go back to the airconditioned ship that has free ice cream! These were a few shots I took of the town we had docked into.

We did a little shopping :)

 We were off to our next stops, which I'll post about over the next few days :)


  1. Do you use a 50mm all the time? I love the prime, but I find it's less flexible for photos while travelling. You managed to take quite wide and lovely photos with it! I could almost soak up the the sunset haha.

  2. Yes I did! For me, I love that shallow depth of field when taking portraits and other stuff like that. However, there were times when I needed to adjust the aperture from f/1.8 to something like f/2 or at times even f/6 in instances where the light was just too bright. Having a full frame camera also helps! Previously having a crop sensor and my 50mm, it was hard just because I'd always have to stand right back to include everything in a frame.



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