New York Part V ~ Hanging out with Ben, Gina, Christian and Sarah

Okay, so we're up to part four of New York. I apologise for my absence! I'm currently home and have been suffering from jet lag quite a bit. What better way to deal with it than catching up with blog posts? So a few of us decided to hang out again and shoot in a smaller group. Gina picked up Christian and I at our hotel, as per usual. Ben had texted to say that he was running a little late, so we took our time catching the subway and walking around central park. We had soon organised to meet Ben at the boathouse where we then had something quick to eat. Afterwards, Christian and I told Gina and Ben about Belvedere Castle so we headed in that direction. After a few wrong turns we finally had found it and started taking some pictures. 

I don't even know what Ben's concept was for this photo, which actually didn't end up working out haha. 

After making fun of tourists and their odd poses in front of the view, we left the castle and continued walking. There was a nearby bush area which was actually blocked off, but we ended up jumping the fence, in style of course and well...take a look for yourself :)

Waving at the tourists.

Smoke bomb time, hahahah! I was so excited for this, but Gina and Christian were a little nervous, seeing as though we weren't supposed to be doing this in the middle of Central Park. Christian was especially nervous because he was the one that was going to be modelling for Ben's photograph. There's actually an entire video of this process, which may make an appearance on the internet at some point.

Gina was stuck in the branches - too hilarious not to take a picture of her while trying to escape.

Christian's reluctance was so funny. Ben had to hold the smoke bomb while taking the picture.

It was then Ben's turn to model for all of us. Button up dat shirt boy! :P

Yeah, this happened.

This is was my final product! 

This is me taking a picture of Ben disposing of the smoke bomb through his glasses. So creative, RIGHT?

This is Christian telling off Ben for disposing of the smoke bomb the way he did. Haha. Ahhjeez.

We then enjoyed watching the sun set in other areas of this beautiful park. Some of these photographs were taking by the wonderful Gina! :)

I asked Ben to climb a tree and so he did.

Mad commando roll at the end. Uploading the main photo soon enough! :)

We made our way to the MET where we were to meet Miss Sarah Ratner once again. Along the way we saw some guy doing handstands and all kinds of weird things which was kind of cool. Ben also took some photographs of me.

We sat on the steps of the MET, eating our hot dogs and then headed inside to wait for Sarah to arrive. Once we were all together we walked around what was the expensive part of town I believe. We discussed various things and learned new things about everyone's life. Sarah then took us to this cute, little organic restaurant.

Unfortunately, Gina had to go home early and was our only way back to our hotel, so we had to say goodbye to Sarah. I hated saying goodbye to her, she's such an incredible friend whom I've had the pleasure of speaking to every day for the past nine months. I can't wait to meet up with her again in the future. 

 Yep, it gets even sadder. Ben, Gina, Christian and I made our way to the subway where we were to all say goodbye. I was actually going to see Gina the next day but it was our last day with Ben, which was a shame. I was so grateful to have met and shoot with Ben, having been a big fan of his work. He's such a character and I hope we get to hang out again in the future too :) Overall, this was one of the best days of the trips and I miss these guys way too much.

View their work here:
Gina Vasquez
Christian Benetel
Ben Zank
Sarah Ratner


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