Harvard, Cheers and Exploring Boston

Harvard University was our plan for the day. The weather was actually pretty cold, as always but Boston was just too pretty not to explore. So, we caught a taxi and saw more of the beautiful city. Once we arrived, we walked the main campus and took lots of photos.

I kind of just wanted to stay here and take pictures all day. It was absolutely gorgeous! :)

So here's the story. I'm kind of obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. Mum loves it too. It's probably one of the main reasons for my excitement to visit Harvard. I tried to look for the same gate Rory and Lorelai stood at when they first visited but I think we were on the wrong side. Oh well, close enough right?

After walking around the campus for a little while, we randomly stumbled into the bookshop! Cynthia who I was supposed to meet up with in Boston suggested I go in and have a look. It was so cute and most importantly, warm!

We then had some fun in the hallway while we figured out where we'd go to next.

We went back to the city and had some lunch in a really nice little place. Mum and Dad had visited the Cheers Bar the previous day and I was interested in seeing it too. We all wanted to go back to Boston's gorgeous parks too, so we decided to do both and just enjoy the day. 

I love visting the sets/locations from tv shows and movies! Seeing as though I watch at least little bit of Cheers nearly every day when I'm back home, it was even cooler. This was actually the set that was used, the one downstairs was the original bar, which I didn't get to see.

The door to the original bar: 

We then walked through Boston Common, which I hadn't seen before. Everything is so beautiful ahhh.

Walking through the city, we followed some of the freedom trail and visited some of the cemeteries.

Quincy markets was our next stop. It was getting incredibly cold and we needed some hot drinks to help us all defrost. I took a picture of this insanely big jawbreaker! Ouch.

For the rest of the night we just walked around the city and admired the beautiful Christmas decorations. We all enjoyed Boston so much and are all wanting to come back in the future! :)


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