In Boston with Anna & Sarah

So as I said in my last blog post, it was a long day of travelling to get to Boston. Two planes later, divided by a run across Detroit airport we finally arrived in Boston. We had never been to Boston, and we all immediately felt the change in temperature. The city looked beautiful when we arrived at around 9:30 p.m. which made us even more excited to explore it more over the next few days. Our first day, however, consisted of Christian and I hanging out with the incredible Sarah Ann Loreth and Anna Elizabeth! I can't tell you how excited we were to meet these two incredible talents. We had followed their work for so long so it really was a surreal moment when we finally did meet! After greeting each other in the lobby of our hotel, we made our way outside in the cold or should I say "warm weather" for those who are used to this craziness and just explored the city! None of us really knew where we were going, but that was half the fun. There was this cool graffiti wall that we decided was a good first stopping point for photographs. I loved seeing how Sarah and Anna worked together. They really are a great team.

I have a few more shots from this shoot, but they'll be released at a later date. Moving on, we visited cute shops that had unicorns, which Anna was incredibly excited about and others that were filled with fantastic wigs, props and weird clothing. Sarah purchased a shark hat and Anna bought some black lipstick, which came in handy when taking photos!

I couldn't help but include this photograph, haha <3

Sarah then took some pictures of me. Totally fan girled inside :P

Risking her life, obvsiously for that one shot :P

We continued through cloudy Boston, witnessing the beautiful sites. We all discussed different things such as the different worlds we live in, what everyone hopes to achieve in their future etc. It was just really nice getting to know everyone and seeing as though I've followed Sarah's work specifically since forever, it was just an incredible experience getting an insight to where she wants to be within the photography world and sharing how we both found photograph and since then, how much it has changed our lives.

Sarah suggested Anna model in this bus station, which proved to be such an awesome idea since we all took some amazing photographs! I really loved seeing how spontaneous Sarah and Anna were, how they could find little locations you wouldn't think of using initially, but when used, are actually quite amazing!

Here was my final product from this shoot. I'll be releasing more later on! :)

We had a few onlookers :P

There was this BEAUTIFUL park that we stumbled across - The Public Garden. It's pretty hard to miss, but I can't tell you how much we all loved this place. As soon as we stepped into those gates, we knew we'd be here for a while. Everyone took pictures of everyone :P It actually started to pour right after Sarah took pictures of me under this yellow tree. We took shelter and Christian took pictures of Anna in the rain. 

After the rain had settled and everyone had basically left the garden, we made our way over to this gorgeous pink tree. We were pretty sure it was a Cherry tree. 

I was so happy to be taking Sarah's picture :)

Final product for my 52 Weeks Project: 

This tree was so pretty!!

Then, Sarah made Christian climb a tree!

We then all wandered the city and took even more photos. 

Role reversal! 

The daylight was slowly disappearing and we just spent the rest of the night talking about random things, which is the best kind of conversation :P

Mum and Dad arrived back at our hotel the same time we did! They took some group photos of us in the lobby before we had to say goodbye. This day is still, to this day, one of the best days I've had on this trip so far. It was such a pleasure meeting both Anna and Sarah and I just hope we can do it again soon! Their careers are going to be big.

You should check out Sarah's Facebook Page for her photographs from the day! Also, our incredible model Anna recently created a new page for her work too, which can be seen here. Here's one of the BTS shots Sarah got of Christian and myself :)

P.S. As always, thanks Christian for letting me borrow some of your photographs :D


  1. these images are all so lovely <3. it looks like you guys had a blast. sarah and anna are amazing too =).

    1. Thank you <3 Yes, I had so much fun with these two lovely ladies! We'll meet one day, Savannah :)

  2. This is honestly way too amazing! I didn't know you had this blog, WUDABOSS!
    This is making me blush/get butterfly's and miss you dearly xo

    1. BAHA, yeah man totally created it before we left so I could document everything! Awww, I miss you too <3



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