New York ~ Part I

So it's been a little while since I've updated you all with what I'm up to on my holiday! I apologise, but I've been just having way too much fun, which I guess is a good thing :P So where were we? Boston, right. So, we woke up bright and early and caught a train to New York. It took about three hours or so and I spent the whole time editing for my blog. Below is the worst photo, but it's the only one of us from the train pretty much.

We passed some incredible scenery! The houses were absolutely adorable and I just wanted to jump out the window and take photos everywhere.

I can't begin to even describe in words how excited we all were to return to one of our favourite cities in the world. It's like we had never left...except that we did and this time it was FREEZZING! We caught a taxi to our hotel and chilled there for a little while before we explored the city. Chelsea markets was our next stop! It was so beautiful and cute inside...and did I mention warm? After that we just walked around for a bit before we had some dinner.

My Mum is kind of obsessed with seeing real Christmas trees being sold on the street. It is very cool.

Super cute!

So, our first day in New York! Mum and Dad wanted to show us The High Line, since Christian and I hadn't seen it before. On the way, we walked passed The Umbridge Theatre, which is where comedians and actors start out! I remembered that I had heard of it from Tina Fey's book :)

We then made our way to The High Line and I took some pictures along the way.

This was the view once we were on the High Line! It was so beautiful and the gardens were so pretty!

Couldn't help but creep on this couple :P

I thought this was sooo cool! 

We then walked through Greenwich village which I absolutely loved. It seriously looked like something out of a movie...which it has been, but you know what I mean. The streets were so lovely and the shops were - while expensive - very cute!

Something I love about New York City is that there is something always going on, people are always on the move and although you always have to be on the look out, there's something really intriguing and exciting about it all.

Continuing to walk the streets, we made our way to Washington Square Park, which has been in a gazillion films. Yay! There was this guy absolutely covered in pigeons! Although it was cold, the sun had decided to come out and shone through the park making it look even more beautiful! :)

Errmagerd, sitting in the same place Rachael was sitting in, in Glee :P

Okay, so I'm obsessed with the television show Felicity and actually started and finished the entire series this year! So, when we walked passed NYU AND visited Dean & Deluca I couldn't contain my excitement, hehe.

We then stepped into Harry Met Sally by having lunch at the restaurant from the film. I'll probably have to watch it at some point. The sandwiches were HUGE and ah, the atmosphere was awesome!

 I especially loved seeing all of the celebrities that have eaten there too.

Later on that night we headed to Bryant Park and watched people ice skate. Gah, I wish I could ice skate. But, I enjoyed watching other people do it all the same :) The Christmas tree looked so wonderful and it really did feel like Christmas was coming, which is something I've been struggling to feel since I've been in the states - not being home and all.

Then it was time to visit Times Square! So there was a guy dressed as a Toy Story Soldier which was way too awesome not to take a photo and there was another topless guy doing backflips. May I remind you that it was below zero degrees celcius at this point?

We were on the big screen several times, hahah SO COOL! :)

At some point, we found Dad's long, lost brother!! Finally.

M&M Store woooo! 

Then, 30 Rock! 

I'll be posting the rest of my New York adventures when I return in a week's time from a cruise. Until then, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!! :) 


  1. aaah, New York! :) <3 looks like you had such a great stay in the city, I love all the photos. and I'm even more NYCsick now that I looked at them :D have fun on the cruise and Merry Christmas to you and your fam! :D

    1. Marie! Yess, I did ahh, many more NY posts to come so keep an eye out! Ahh, I'm always NY sick haha. Thank you so much, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too and your family <3



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