A week long road trip around Tasmania

Happy New Year everyone! I've got some big plans for this blog in 2015 - the first one being that I plan to create a monthly blog post series. This monthly series will consist of a collection of photographs, depicting the more "everyday-like" adventures I experience. One of the things I love about photography is that despite each artist having their own style and approach, all photographs represent a moment in time and it's a universal way for everyone to document their lives. So, with that said, I'm hoping to utilise this blog as more of a diary. Along with this monthly series, I will continue to share photographs from my more professional photo shoots. I hope you all follow along, share these posts and comment below letting me know your thoughts. I would love to create a bit of a community on here, so never be afraid to let me know what else you're interested in seeing from "Oh, the places you'll go!"

I begin this year's many blog posts with a great adventure from last January. Mum, Dad and I ventured off down to Tasmania, our island state, to explore, hike and experience beautiful landscapes. I had never been to Tasmania and had googled it all week. I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs, as much as I did taking them.

I was beyond excited to land in Tassie. I had set myself a goal to really push myself as an artist and take some extraordinary photographs. I spent most of the drives to incredible locations with my face stuck to the window - the views were insanely beautiful.

On one of our first days, we hiked up to Wineglass Bay lookout. It took us about an hour, but it was totally worth it.

A stranger, who almost looks like she knew I was taking her picture. 

After our hike, we continued driving to our next accommodation.

On our way to the next location, we drove past this incredible site. The low tide on this beach was unlike anything I'd ever seen. We had to stop! As usual, I had my prop clothes all ready to go and changed in the car (as you do).

This was my test shot:

A couple had walked passed at one point and Mum had heard the woman saying something about me taking nice or professional selfies, haha. Love it! 

This was our next accommodation - The Freycinet Lodge. It was filled with intimate cabins, placed in and amongst the bush. It was so relaxing. It killed me that we were only staying in these beautiful locations for one or two nights.

We immediately explored and ended up finding this beautiful, quiet rocky area. I knew I'd be shooting here straight after dinner. 

Straight from dinner, attire and all (besides a quick trip back to the cabin to pick up my camera gear - I think? Who knows), we made our way back to the location and began doing my thing. I had some helpers ;)

The next day, we visited Port Arthur and learned a lot of history.

We then headed back to the accommodation and explored the grounds a little more. Could this place get any more beautiful? 

I shot this through one of the cabin windows, just after the sun had set.

The following morning brought some fog. We were off to our next accommodation. The drive was breathtaking, as usual.

On the way, we stopped over to Russell Falls. It was like we had stepped into a scene from The Hobbit. 

It was photo time!!

And yes, I did get tourists watching me take some of these photos, haha. 

We were then back in the car....

That evening we hopped on the Gordon River Cruise into the wild, making small stops to some little islands. 

Dad carrying my prop clothes - what a guy :)

Our next day was probably the longest. The drive to the next accommodation was a lengthy one, as it was literally situated in the middle of nowhere. Luckily we had some fantastic views to enjoy along the way. 

To give you a bit of an idea about Cradle Mountain Lodge: it consists of various houses, each separated by quite a lot of Aussie bush. There were over twenty hiking tracks, each having their own level of difficulty. As we weren't pros, we decided to go for the "middle of the road" paths that took between an hour to two hours of hiking.  It was by far my favourite place that we had stayed for the entire trip - I never wanted to leave. We spent our nights playing trivia at the bar and watching the Aus Open. I'd spend my late evenings editing and watching Mad Men when Mum and Dad had gone to sleep.

We risked our lives for these shots, just so you know. 

On our way back to the airport, we stumbled upon these cuties in a local park. 

Our week long trip in Tassie had quickly come to an end -  it was honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I'm hoping to do a lot more travelling down there in the future. 

~ A


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