Meet Up in Leura

Happy New Year everyone! I had this blog post all ready a couple of days ago but had limited internet. Last year (I can say that now?! Wow) in July, I met up with some lovely photographer friends Genevieve and Savannah. I had only briefly talked to them online and when they messaged me telling me they'd be in Sydney for a little while, we couldn't help but organise a little meet up. So, Madeline, Christian and myself caught the train to Leura and met Gen, Sav & their friends at Leura station.  

Once we arrived, we saw them drive by in their car, screaming and waving out the windows. It was quite hilarious. We then walked them too a lovely cafe we had visited a couple of weeks back and had some morning tea/lunch. We spoke about all things photography and life in general. It was lovely getting to know the group. After eating, we walked to the cascades where we trekked down muddy paths and other people's properties. Everything was beautiful.

It was really, very muddy and quite an adventure. There were a few moments where we were hoping we were walking in the right direction.

Once we arrived, everyone scattered into different directions. Some began climbing upwards, right alongside the waterfall and ending up on a bridge. Others stood and thought of photo ideas and well...began climbing too.

Once everyone became familiar with the surroundings, concepts were beginning to be executed. A true photographers' meet up!

We then continued exploring and it just became more beautiful the further we walked into the track.

Yeah, some didn't really care about the "danger" signs...haha. S'all good, we were careful.

The lovely Charmayne then modelled for all of us. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

I then asked Gen to model for me :) 

Sorry Gen, but no other photo captures what we all felt when we found this gem of a place!

As the sun began to set, we couldn't help but all drop our stuff and continue taking more photos.

Sav had brought along some temporary pink hair powder. Once we saw this cherry blossom tree, I asked her to put it in her hair and ah, everything was so perfect!

I then followed Gen, Sav and Charmaine into someone's yard to take some pictures under this gorgeous tree.

I then modelled for Gen :)

It became dark and still had some time to kill before Madeline, Christian and I had to catch the train home, so we made our way into another cute cafe. We had some hot chocolate and chips and it was honestly the best way to end such a wonderful day. Out little group became quite the adventurers by the end of the day. Hopefully we'll all meet again soon because it was just way too fun not to do again <3

~ A



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