Easter at Berry

Hey guys, so it's been a little while. I've been extremely busy with uni and I'm about to fall asleep while typing out this sentence due to a very late night last night. Note to self, listen to yourself when you promise not to leave assignments to the last minute. Anywho! I've been talking about this post for a while now and found some time tonight to edit the rest of the photographs. I spent Easter with my family down at my Aunty's property. The weather was gorgeous and I had such a relaxing and fun time. A house of seven people + three dogs makes for a very good Easter. 

Just to update you all on my life. I'm going to be attending a meet up this week in Sydney which I am very excited about. There are going to be a lot of very talented people attending and I just can't wait to shoot and meet them all! I also am in  the middle of adding some new features on my blog. Up the top I've included a new tab called "America & The Caribbean Trip" which will basically take you to a new page where all of my posts from my trip I took last year are located. I thought it'd make it easier to view each post by following that link rather than looking through my archives. Okay then,  I'll leave you to this post!

Here's my final photograph for my 52 Weeks Project that I took on the second night:

Getting ready for some fashion-type photos.

I spent one morning visiting all of the little areas of my Aunty's property where I used to take photos when I first started photography. I took some simple portraits for nostalgia's sake :)

Christian and I are making a calendar of my Aunty's dog, Halle. Here's a little sneak peek of an Autumn shot :)

Here's a BTS shot of me helping out Christian with his photo, haha.

Easter welcomed us with some fog! I literally ran back into my room to get changed and take some photos before I even had any time to properly wake up.

 I tried out some new editing techniques on some photos - I hope you like them. As always, thanks for following & don't be shy to tell me what you think about the post down the bottom in the comments section. Below are some photos I posted on my instagram. See you guys on the next post :)


  1. What do you use to crop your photos with on Instagram? I love all of these pictures, they're soo soft and calm looking (:

    1. I have the "Afterlight" App! It's definitely worth a download. Thank you!

  2. Such a lovely blog post and very inspiring! It makes me want to travel somewhere quiet and take wonderful photos like these. Great work!

  3. these are all so gorgeous <3! I love your posts :).

  4. You guys rock ~ thank you so much <3



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