Leaving Monterey and Pebble Beach

We said goodbye to Monterey (and our very nice hotel) and headed into town to buy some food for the road. 

Christian felt really American holding our groceries in a paper bag.

We took some last minute photos of the beautiful scenery and then travelled to Pebble Beach.

As we drove through Seventeen Mile Drive, Christian and I stepped out of the car, took advantage of the insanely beautiful location and took some photos.

The drive was absolutely incredible and those houses, my goodness, they left us all speechless! We grew closer to Pebble Beach but also admired the other beautiful golf courses along the drive.

This was the tree, which acts as the official symbol of Pebble Beach.

We then arrived at The Lodge, which is the clubhouse. This is where they do the presentations after the golf tournaments. All of the great golfers have walked through the halls and rooms. Having a Dad who has been obsessed with golf since forever and has made us watch the tournaments, you kind of get excited about these things.

Trophies - spot the names you know! :D

 I'll be blogging about arriving in San Francisco later that day and my meet up with Ashley Hershberger next, so keep an eye out! :)


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