Arriving in San Francisco

After Pebble Beach, we made our way to San Francisco. It was a little bit of a lengthy drive, but it was okay. As we neared the city, there was a beautiful sunset. I took some shots from the car and couldn't help but include some bokeh shots! :)

Once we arrived at our hotel, we told Ash that we were in her city! Christian and I had already planned on spending the following day with her, but she couldn't wait, haha! Turns out that she was shopping nearby with her friends so they quickly made their way over to our hotel. Christian and I hopped in the elevator and with excitement, made our way to the lobby. It was all so fast, I saw Ash's head and next minute she was in Christian's arms. They're quite good friends so it was really nice seeing them finally meet in person! I was also extremely excited to hug and talk to her! It's nice seeing your flickr friends in real life, rather than on a computer screen.

We left Ash to explore the city a little. Our family had been here before a few years ago but it's different around Christmas time! The city looked absolutely gorgeous and we took some photos in Union Square.

There was a cute, little ice skating rink. Christian and I suck at ice skating, so we just watched.

It was then time for some dinner! We found this wonderful restaurant right near out restaurant. It must have been good, because we had to wait for a table. Our waiter was extremely nice and knew that we were from "somewhere in the Pacific".

Dad posing with his wine.

Our incredible desserts, ahhhh so good!! Keep an eye out for my next post which focusses on more of our adventures in San Francisco.


  1. Loving the pictures (& blog ofcourse!). San Francisco looks awesome!! :)



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