Day 4: Leaving Santa Barbara, Solvang & Moonstone Beach

Our last few hours in Santa Barbara were spent with Cierra again! It was an early morning for all of us, because we only had a few hours left until we were scheduled to leave. I met Cierra in the lobby and we chatted for a little while we waited for Christian. Then, we made use of our beautiful hotel and took some shots. Check out Cierra's stream for the photos she took of Christian and myself.

We then all headed over to the beach. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and was even quite warm - we were lucky! Cierra was awesome enough to do pretty much whatever I told her to do :P I'll be uploading the final photographs on my Facebook Page soon enough.

There were a lot of palm trees by the beach and I got to experiment with using a reflector too! 

We returned to the park that we visited the night before. It looked very different in the day time.

Replicating one of Karrah Kobus' photographs, hehe.

While Christian was taking his photo, I got an idea and used the leaves to good use!

 This was my final photograph:


Cierra & the hippie.

It was then time to say goodbye to Cierra :( I already miss her so much and I can't wait to meet her again in the future! <3

So it was another family day on the road! We hopped out of the car to look around for the last time and grabbed something to eat.

Then, we were off - on our road trip once again.

We stopped at a look out along the way :)

A few people had told us about a little Danish town called "Solvang", apparently it was a must stopover point, so we made the effort to find it and have a little bit of an explore. Turns out that it was an extremely cute and beautiful town! There were markets as well and a Santa Claus roaming around the town streets.

A lady was surprised to hear that strawberries existed in Australia....yeah....

After spending some time in this wonderful, adorable town, it was time to leave it behind and continue on our journey to Moonstone Beach. We admired the cute houses on the side of the road as we departed. 

Oh, and I have a thing for American school buses.

As we grew closer, the fog started to settle in. The closer we got to the hotel, the more excited I got. It seemed as if we were going to be right along the beach. The photographer in me was anxious to take photos in the fog and on the beach, so I really couldn't wait to arrive! 

This was our hotel. As we pulled in, we all were amazed. It was one of the most adorable, beautiful, coziest, american hotels we had ever seen...and we hadn't even gone inside! It was situated right alongside the beach, which was perfect. Fairy lights framed the hotel itself, which set the Christmas mood completely. Dad had gone inside to check in and returned with great enthusiasm, as he explained all of the benefits that came along with our stay. They included free wine tasting with cheese and wifi in our rooms! 

The rooms were extremely comfortable and the entire experience resembled something like in a movie! While I was in the room I experimented with free lensing, which is a new technique I've been practising since Cierra showed me how to do it on my camera! Christian was my subject, as usual. The next post will focus on our adventures in Monterey! :)


  1. Looks like you're taking the exact same route I took with my parents a couple of years ago, that is awesome :D I remember all those places, haha. I hope you're having an amazing time, looks like you all are enjoying yourselves quite a lot :)

    1. Oh, yay! We're taking a slightly different route than last time! I'm loving them too and yes, I'm having an incredible time <3 Thanks for commenting :D

  2. Love the blog Alex, looks like you're having an awesome time! Will continue to check it all out... Take care! P.S. I also love those American school buses hehe.. Fiona :)

    1. Aw, thank you Ms Hayes! (I'm guessing this is you, if not...awkward :P) Ahh, aren't they cute? :)



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