Day 3: Meeting Cierra and Katie in Santa Barbara

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to Santa Monica. We all had enjoyed it so much, the atmosphere, the people and the wonderful shops! But, it was time to move onto Santa Barbara. Christian and I were especially excited to be travelling to this particular location because we had planned to meet up with our wonderful flickr friend, Cierra Benavidez. So off we went down Sunset Boulevard.

While we set our GPS, these two gorgeous dogs were right outside my window.

We stopped over to do some serious shopping at Premium Outlets. Man that place was huge! We also had some lunch. Everyone but me ended up buying something. I think I'm saving myself for New York. Don't worry, things will be purchased.

I was texting Cierra at this point. We were going to meet her in less than half an hour! The sun was slowly setting, and it felt like it was a race against the sunset because Christian and I really wanted to shoot with Cierra before it got too dark.

Once we had arrived to our gorgeous hotel, we settled in and freshened ourselves up before Cierra arrived! Ahh, I was getting so excited. We went outside and there she was!! Her friend Katie was there too and we hugged and had our freak out moment before we said goodbye to Mum and Dad and began our little photo adventure in the dark. We made our way up to a nearby park and began setting up.

This is Cierra trying to find the rat that randomly made an appearance.

Katie decided to be really freaky and lay down on the creepy bridge so I decided to take pictures of her,  hehe. This girl is hilarious and I'm so glad I got to meet and hang out with her!

There was a merry go round nearby that had amazing lights! We wanted to take pictures in front of it but the guy inside kept turning them off. It seemed as though this guy had it out for us, as every time we made the decision to walk back across the wet grass to use the lights, he'd turn them back off. 

Oh well, there was this beautiful fountain that Cierra ended up using for a photograph, which I modelled for. 

Making our way up to the pier, we discussed Aussie and American accents and slang. We all got along so well and I was just having so much fun sharing weird stories. The pier was lit up in the spirit of Christmas and looked so beautiful! I had to include his first photo below, just because it shows Cierra's sarcastic "Oh, you're so cool"face aimed at the guy on the bike behind her to her right.

Walking even further up the pier, Cierra and Katie shared different photo shoot stories. There was an amazing Christmas tree that we all had our eye on. But first, we took group shots, yay! We took normal, weird, crazy, hilarious and awkward "Prom" pictures. Notice my sexy short boyfriend :P

Stereotypical Prom pictures!! :P

"Now let's pretend we're looking at different cameras" 

Katie then decided she'd sit under the Christmas Tree, so we all took photos of her! :)

These photos get me even more excited for Christmas <3 

 Dad picked us up from the pier and we made our way back to the hotel, listening to Katie trying to perfect her Australian accent. She was actually getting pretty decent! I can't tell you how much fun I had meeting these two amazing girls. I miss them already so much and I just hope that we can meet up again in the future. My next post will also feature my day time shoot with Cierra so keep an eye out for that.

P.S. Also, once again, thank you Christian for taking some of these photos :D


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