Sydney Adventures with Asher Lilley

After a long day spending time with amazing photographers, it was time to spend more time with Miss Asher Lilley! The morning started quite early, beginning with a drive over to Kiara's place to pick up our Northern Territory gal. "Paradise" by Coldplay played on the radio while we said goodbye to Kiara, which seemed appropriate because she was going to see Coldplay later on that day.

Dad drove us all into the city and gave Asher a quick Sydney tour. We made our first stop at Coogee beach, where we watched little kids run races and locals enjoy the beautiful weather. From there, we drove past Bondi, in and out of the rich housing areas and to look outs ~ it was actually quite awesome seeing how much Asher enjoyed it! Sydney did look beautiful that day. We continued on to our pre-planned destination, that being The Art Gallery of NSW, which was featuring Francis Bacon's artworks. I actually found the exhibition really interesting, let's just say that Francis Bacon had an interesting life. After that, we headed into the Botanical Gardens.

After taking a quick look around, we found this magnificent tree! We couldn't pass up it up, so we put our stuff down and began to take photos. There was even a guy playing the saxophone nearby!

Before leaving, we had to get a touristy shot of Asher :P

Walking in and out of the gardens, admiring the beautiful flowers, passing the loving families, we found a little cafe. We were starving so we decided we'd have some lunch. I took some simple portraits while we waited for our food.

Asher, most likely instagraming :P

 The heat was beginning to get to us, so we found a shady spot to sit for a bit. 

There was a nearby tree that caught our eye. We debated whether we'd walk over and take pictures because it was situated in direct sunlight. The photographer instinct in us eventually motivated us enough to walk over and check it out. Turns out, it was worth risking Asher's face getting sunburnt, hehe.

There was also secret pathway/garden and Asher suggested Christian model for a few shots.

Asher's time was nearly up, as she had planned to meet up with Jessica Christie so they'd go to the airport together. We walked passed a beautiful fountain, where we watched a young family taking some funny photos. It was that hot that I think that boy was probably glad his father was teasing him about throwing him in the water. 

There are a lot of cool trees in the Botanical Gardens!

We spent the rest of our time together sitting in the park, talking about things and listening to these men talking about world history and other issues. It was actually quite entertaining, as crowds started to develop, then the men would disagree and have very loud discussions. I had such an amazing time meeting Asher and I just hope that she gets to come back and visit soon! 

Christian at the train station on our way home :)


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