Photographers' Meet Up in Sydney

On Saturday, 17th November 2012, seven photographers from various parts of Australia came together to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine and take photographs in Oatley Park. 

Asher Lilley ~ Darwin
Julia Trotti ~ Sydney
Kiara Rose ~ Sydney
Me ~ Sydney

The day started with us exploring the wonderful location Julia had picked out for us. There were tracks that led us in and out of the bush and even onto a little pier which I was pretty sure was going to be used by all of us at some point. We decided on a little spot near a rock began to take some photos. It was noticeable that we were all a little lost and were still getting used to the fact that we were all here, in one place at one time taking photos together. We soon found ourselves lost within the Aussie bush, in search for some inspiration. It was Jess who suggested Kiara climb this tree.

I decided that I would go back down to look after all of our belongings and took some test shots for a potential idea I had come up with. While doing so, a beautiful, little butterfly landed right in front of me. 

We continued to explore and found ourselves on a little stretch of beach. 

We then all watched, with amusement, Kiara trying to take a photograph whilst holding her reflector. Some of us would have helped, but we were all wearing boots that weren't waterproof. Oh well, it was entertaining!

The pier was soon free and we decided that we'd take advantage! Julia began taking some photos of Kiara, which then led to all of us taking pictures of Julia. We were quite the paparazzi and began to attract looks from the people nearby. Jessica also had me climb some rails and got me to model, her photos can be seen here.

Some people wanted to use the pier, so we headed back to the stretch of beach and Kiara volunteered to go into the water. Christian and I stayed back to look after all of our belongings so we took some simple portraits of each other, trying to get to know our new cameras.

We then all decided to take a break and have some lunch. My photos didn't turn out so well, but I wanted to include some, so here are Kiara & Julia's photos of our little picnic. Kiara's blog post can be seen here, which is where I got the bottom two photos. Julia's work can be seen here.

We then decided to walk to a new section of the park. There was a wedding taking place nearby, so we were careful not to get in their way. It was at this point that people's ideas were starting to develop and we were becoming more comfortable with each other. 

I knew I wanted a conceptual piece for my 52 Weeks photo and I had the idea to use Julia's very long hair. Caitlin, Christian and Jessica were kind enough to help me out by flinging Julia's hair in all different directions. Julia did a wonderful job portraying the character I had in mind. Even though my initial idea was for it to be quite a dark and evil-like photo, I got some lovely shots of Julia in between takes.

This is the final product entitled "Purple Rush" which can be seen on my flickr.

Kiara bein' a creeper.

We then found this really gorgeous spot on top of a massive rock!

Hey look it's Christian taking a picture of Kiara, who is taking a picture of me, who is taking a picture of Christian and Kiara!

 Julia's bag and camera.

After Christian had taken a picture involving us all throwing leaves, Kiara volunteered to lay in them.

There's always something weird & creepy, yet funny when someone is trying to take a candid shot of you.

The wedding had finished, so Kiara, Christian and I took some shots of Asher sitting in what looked like a little castle.

I had such an amazing day hanging out with these amazing people. Seriously, they were such a joy to work with and get to know. By the end of the day, it was as if we had known each other for years. There's something incredibly fulfilling about meeting people who share the same passion as you, who would do the crazy things you'd do for the perfect shot. I really hope I we get to do this again some day because it was a definite highlight of my year. Make sure to check out Julia's video of the day below.


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