New York in October: Bellerose, Central Park and Brooklyn Heights

Many of you know that I travelled back to one of my favourite places in the world (New York) last October for Flickr20under20. Since then, I haven't had a chance to properly go through and edit the photos I took while I was there. Finally, I found some down time to go through the first two days of my trip - believe me when I say I took a LOT of photos during those seven days.

Mum + Dad had flown over a week earlier than Christian and I, seeing as though we still had one week left of our uni semester. But, once the week was over, we were outta there! Here's a couple of photos I took at the airport + during the very long plane journey. I even managed to spot Colin Egglesfield on our second flight (eee!!) but was too shy to go and say hi :P

Christian and I landed in the evening so pretty much just had something to eat , did a little exploring + went to bed. I remember my eyes were glued to the taxi window from the airport all the way to our hotel. I was so happy + excited to be back in this wonderful city.

We spent our first two days exploring. My family and I have been to NYC many times before, so we'd done all the touristy kind of things. We just wanted to go back to some of our favourite places as well as explore some new areas. I'll let the pictures below do the talking.

Later that afternoon, we headed to the Vasquez household. Gina Vasquez + I met through flickr and have become really wonderful friends. We actually completed a photo collaboration about our long distance friendship. Our final photos of the series ended up being taken together in real life in 2012, a day or two after we first met in person. Since then, Christian has gone back to NYC and stayed with Gina and her family. Our families have since grown quite close. Mrs Vasquez was kind enough to invite us over to their house for dinner. Unfortunately, Gina wasn't in NYC, but studying a few states over. It was very sad not having her there with us!

I'd only ever seen Gina's house and room in pictures and on Skype so this whole experience was very surreal. 

I finally got to see the prints I sent Gina during my early days on Flickr!

It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon I'll never forget. Hope to be back when you are Miss Gina! :) 

They go all out for Halloween in the States - so awesome!!

Our first full day together in NYC consisted of a walk through Central Park.

 It was a little hot, haha.

As you can see, the yellow and green tones were out of this world!

and that pop of orange!! 

We also had a bite to eat at The Boathouse.

Good on ya Dad, carrying my heavy camera bag :P 

On our second day, we ventured over to Brooklyn Heights. I hadn't really seen that much of it on my other trips. Once again, I couldn't stop smiling + taking photographs.

We had lunch at this wonderful, little cafe that served huge plates of food!

Christian shopping for hats for Madeline.

Bleecker St!

Check back later in the next month or so for the next instalment of this incredible trip back to NYC :)

~ A


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