A Friday in May

Yesterday was a lovely, warm Autumn's day so I thought I'd take some self portraits in my backyard. Although this was mostly an act of procrastination, it was time. I tried to think back to the time when I'd last picked up my camera and took photos. I couldn't remember and that scared me! There's nothing I love more than just going outside and shooting. To think I hadn't done that in what I thought was over two months made me really sad. It made me realise that I need to make time for photography, even if I am drowning in uni work. Sometimes other things are more important and yesterday, shooting something was more important than some assignments. You'll probably notice that I'm a bit sunburnt, haha - that's a result of a two hour P.E. lesson in the middle of the day on Wednesday. Silly me forgot to wear sun cream (oops). Anyway, hope you enjoy this blog post & have a lovely weekend.

~ A



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