New York Part III ~ Aussie New York Meet Up!

So a few months ago, Christian and I had confirmed that we were coming to New York and let a few of our photographer friends know! Sarah was kind enough to organise a little event for us and that's where the title of this blog post comes from, haha. The day started at 11 - Gina picked up Christian and myself from our hotel and we made our way to Penn Station. New York had decided to be extremely festive on this particular day, as most of the population were dressed up as Santas and Elves. I believe an alcohol deal was involved...of course, right? Once we made our way through the extreme crowds, we waited in Starbucks for people to arrive. First, it was Emma, closely followed by Jackson and Natalie and finally, Evan! I was already over the moon meeting these guys, having spoken to them on the internet and following their lovely work for quite a while. We all then caught the subway to meet Ben. We walked around to where he had said he'd be and just as Evan said, "Where is he?" the crowd dramatically dispersed and bam, a lone boy stood in the distance...Evan: *points* THERE HE IS! Haha, oh gosh, it was just way too funny. Turns out Sarah had made her way there too, just in time! So our group made our way to Central Park!

We then ended up at the MET and took some group photos, on the front steps, which are yet to be posted when Evan gets back from the L.A. Meet Up :)

We wandered inside for I think about an hour and a half. None of us knew where we were going and I have no idea why we were following Ben because he had no idea either :P Sarah showed us this lovely little indoor garden type area so we took some photos. 

We then made our way back into Central Park to actually take some photos, haha.

Couldn't resist including these beauties :)

Ben explaining his concept. I must say, I think we were all impressed.

I would pay to see the end result of this.

Kristian and her friend had joined us at this point.

Yeah, we're conceptual.

This was the last we saw of Kristian, her friend and Evan haha.

After losing a few members of our group, we walked around Central Park and had some fun while waiting to hear from Brittany :)

She had just a few leaves in her hair after that photo shoot... haha.

After hanging out in the park for a little while, we waited for Brittany to arrive and ended up meeting up with the rest of the group. Erin and some others also joined us and it was at this point that we all decided to go to Bryant Park.

As normal people would do, we sat underneath the enormous Christmas tree and had an incredible amount of fun. While Ben took photos of Christian, a middle-aged couple made out next to them, we mocked those who used the flash setting on their cameras, ate Sarah's slutty brownies and just hung out, took photos and enjoyed the company. It was one of those moments we'd never forget :)

Worshipping the slutty brownie.

Photo cred: Erin! (I'm pretty sure)

Erin had to unfortunately go at this point and Ben left soon after. 

The group was slowly getting smaller so we took a girls group shot and said our goodbyes.

Christian, Gina, Brittany, Emma, her friend and myself continued to hang out under the tree before we met Gina's parents! We then all made our way over to the New York Public Library where they had a special exhibition on! Candles flooded the front steps and it was absolutely gorgeous! At first, we weren't allowed to take photos so we stuck to the side of the building but were soon granted permission. I'll be releasing a few photographs from this shoot soon!

My final image of Emma :)

Love this guuurl <3

We all stood in the cold with our parents who had joined us and talked about our different worlds, university, college and photography. I cannot tell you how much this day meant to me and how amazing each and every person was that I got to meet and hang out with. I love all of you and hope that we cross paths again soon and go on another crazy adventure together <3


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